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Live Video Streaming

Managing and coordinating performances that are streamed live over the internet.

Life's a Faire Podcast

A Podcast celebrating the faire community and the magic of renaissance festivals.

Artist Support

Helping promote Artists and their handmade/handcrafted professional creations

Andrew McKee

Andrew McKee is melody in human form. As a musician in multiple groups and solo performer, he captivated listeners with stunning tunes on a medieval instrument, the recorder.

Yet it's his wit and magnetic personality that lures you in and turns traditional tunes, lovely and silly songs, fascinating stories, and situational perspective into hilarity and fun.

His experience with computers, sound engineering, recording, research, and thirst for knowledge brings a deep reserve of skills to most situations.

Andrew McKee, the Irish Bard, brings to life a ceili atmosphere for a modern Renaissance Man.

Leigh Angela Helvie

Leigh is a small town girl at heart who managed to succeed in the big city. She is a planner, teacher, mother, marketer, researcher, coordinator, artist, dancer, worker, gardener, and cook.

Obsessively organized yet supportive and friendly, Leigh is a refreshing take on the concept of a "Renaissance Woman." Escaping the popular figure of speech "Jack of all Trades, Master of None" Leigh instead has pursued the goal of "Expert at All."

While always learning and striving for excellence in everything she has done, teaching and informing has always been an important part of her endeavors.