Life’s a Faire #2: Discussion with The Tulstin Troubadours, TJ Miller, and The Bedlam Bards

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In the second episode of Life’s a Faire, Andrew talks to a faire owner & performer, a musical group, and (wait for it) another musical group. The Tulstin Troubadours talk about the show that they streamed with us and discuss the status of their new CD. TJ Miller of the Lords of Adventure and Co-Owner of the New Jersey Renaissance Festival describes the decision to cancel the faire this year and how this has affected him personally and professionally. The Bedlam Bards talk about the stream we produced for them and many many silly things.

Chapter List:
00:21 Tulstin Troubadours
17:06 TJ Miller
42:29 Bedlam Bards

Links Mentioned:

Tulstin Troubadours
Venmo: @tulstintroubadours

TJ Miller

Bedlam Bards

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