Happy Birthday to Us!

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You know, most don’t celebrate the zero birthday. But we thought it was important to take a quick break (no procrastination at all) to celebrate this joyous moment that we’ve been working on for a long while.

We hadn’t been planning on launching Life’s A Faire for a few more months yet to give us time to make everything pretty. But with everything going on in the world around us right now we felt that it was more important to bring the joy of faire to the people now instead of later. So pardon our dust while we get things moving.

We are very excited to bring to you all our very first event this Saturday: A virtual Pub Sing! We are so very excited to be able to put together this great event with the help of some of the acts from Sherwood Forest Faire and we plan on streaming live on both Facebook and YouTube. The concert will be family friendly… ok so maybe more occasionally dipping into PG13 territory…. and we hope you will tune in (6 pm central, 7 pm eastern) to sing along.

The very first episode of the podcast will be coming soon. We are so excited about some of our upcoming guests and features! If you’d like to be a guest or have a suggestion for a great guest, please send us a message.

This weekend’s concert is just the start. We can’t wait to share what more we have up our sleeves with you all.

Life isn’t always faire….but we aim to make it so. See you at Pub Sing!